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Looking for a dealer

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Currently I use solarfx film And lately, I've been buying more tools and stuff like that. I've been looking to open a business. And I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a windshield chip repair and headlight restoration vendor. I'm looking at glasweld now and was curious what you guys thought.

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1 hour ago, TintDude said:

In my personal experience, I would avoid franchises like windshield repair. There is a reason those businesses are franchises, it's the only way to make them profitable, like a pyramid scheme. :twocents 

I'm not talking about safelite or anything like that...I just found another called ultrabond...it looks to me like you buy the bridge tools and go to fixing windshields. After the initial tool investment your only buying epoxy...wich you can get anywhere....

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Off topic or on topic since windshields are being discussed. It is my own belief that even at dealerships, glass work in subbed out for the most part....


However, from what I've told, -some dealerships- do their own glass work in house....(although I suspect it's a limited percentage) vs subbing it out


For those in the Windshield biz know how......would you agree with bullet #1 (all glass is subbed out) or #2, where yes, you guys have seem some dealership do glass work in house.


It wouldn't not make sense to me to have tooling, consumable material, training, etc to do it in house but let me hear it...

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