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Faster Way to Heat the Tint. Goodbye Heat Gun

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Jim Atkinson the owner of 979 Tint, is the guy that started the Bug back window at SEMA 15 years ago in the global window film booth. I will urge him to login here to answer any and all questions once he gets some free time so ME the web designer isn't the one answering questions on stuff i know very little about lol.

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This is pretty cool for the Tesla rear glass but not practical for anything else.  You could not use that method for anything with a trunk and especially not SUV's.  Only other thing I could see it used for is a pano roof but my next sentence will negate that. 


It's neat and all but my shoulder hurts from watching you heave that thing around.  And I'm pretty sure I would burn my shorts because my shoulder gave out and I couldn't hold it up any longer.   :heh 

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