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Has anyone tinted the full windshield on a 2024 GMC Sierra? I have a loyal customer that got a new truck and wants me to tint the full windshield. I use a Soak Rope when installing full windshield’s and I have changed methods of pushing out the solution bc of the electronics and sensors so I push the bottom out first then pull up after bottom is locked. When I squeegee I have a dry Soak Rope when I’m done. But are there any issues with this 2024 I should be aware about? My customers are told they must sign a windshield waiver form before we do any work on the windshield. My film rep told me not to tint full windshields on any 2024 Fords bc of electrical problems with sensors. I really don’t want to take a chance but I want to keep my customer happy. I told him with the way the vehicles are being made a lot of the circuits, connections,ecu(depending on vehicle) is located under the dashboard on the firewall. And it can’t get wet or it can dry sensors,ecu,pcm,etc. My customer is aware of this and it’s listed in waiver form. Please help!!

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I haven't had any issues...yet. I always pull the pillar covers and stuff a bunch of microfibers down in the voids. Also I'll clean the glass first, change the rope, shrink/install, then leave the doors open while I go to lunch before starting the vehicle. 


Fwiw, I've had more issues with Chrysler/VW products than any other brand over the years.


+1 for having a waiver and explaining it to your clients.

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