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What is it worth

Guest nautiboi73

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Guest nautiboi73

TD and its members have me thinking about my customers and what everyone expects out of stuff.

So I posted this on my web site.

Price of New Interior


Price of Filling up Premium Gas

$1,000?s /yr$

Price of Tinting Vehicle

Less than 1% of vehicles value

Not being cooked in your vehicle


Protecting your Investment


think it is acurate?

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Guest Sprinter


yes right on the money, don't know if they'll buy it, but it might make them think about it alot more and thats the value ot tint!

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Guest nautiboi73
and the warranty should only be as good as the cars original warranty.

yea and that made me think about this.

Most expensive purchase you will ever make you home.$100,000. to $1,000,000.

warranty on home 2-5 years at best. after that there is insurance, but that is extra!!

2nd most expensive purchase you make is your vehicle.

warranty on vehicle 3- 5years and a 10 year powertran at best. , then there is insurance, thats extra.

But you expect me to sweat in your hot car for 2 or more hours putting on a high performance film for a 100 bucks and then offer you a LIFETIME warranty :idea why do you expect so much out of me but not out of things that really matter?

just a thought.

then you don't even want me to help you protect the most valuable investments, or you want me to help you for free and forget my family and obligations.

(venting) :rock

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