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  1. just removed a tint job I did a few years back and my gosh what a pain.. the film pulled off like 20 year old tint in a hundred strips, even with steam applied. anyone ever had this happen before also? I've removed year old Xpel that comes off in one piece but this vehicle was awful.
  2. want to make some tint flyer to pass out, who's made them? have any pics of your??
  3. have a local tire shop who's been referring work to me and it has about tippled my sales. we had smalll cut as I built up but now them and I want to make some adjustments so its more fair to them, should I give them a % of jobs? or a flat fee depending on vehicle etc. im sure some one here's done referral work like this, any helps appreciated!
  4. Joetint


  5. How much would you guys charge to tint this? I’m thinking around $850-1000. Not for that price tho would you recommend I used dyed film or go to like a metallized.. sorry I can’t post a pic I have no idea how to
  6. Who else uses xpel ? I love the product, but god dang terrible customer service and when ever I call for film they say they have 1 roll in one of there 2 locations..terrible stocking problem with them. im really curious who actually makes the film because you can’t get any rolls cut down or anything..
  7. @LB55 I’ve used so many films on the past couple years and did a class the other month and used llumar and I’m just sold on it. Best film I’ve worked with to date I love it
  8. How the heck can I get ahold of llumar.. we got 3 shops in my town using it and I really wanna start using it but rep said i can’t due to the amount of shops in my town.. should I try finding another out of town shop who carries it and buy from them or what can I do?
  9. Getting ready to build a peel a board.. would like to see a pic of what you guys got
  10. Getting some samples of film from xpel, how many of you guys are using it? Any complaints
  11. Haha I used to do the same exact thing.. until people made fun of me for doing it lol.. I can’t tell much of a difference now
  12. @Sunbreakers they defintely need to be replaced. How can I replace them? How do you pop panels off on these older cars ?
  13. Just got a pic of the previous tint and looks like all the felt seals are completely toast. How do I replace the felt? And how much additional charge to do it?
  14. Any tips or anytvhbg to look out for on this car? Haven’t done an older one like this yet
  15. Already have a legal business name for truck bedliner deal, but I think it’s time to come up with something better and will offer tinting, truck bedliner, ppf, auto accessories. Not sure if you guys might have some ideas but I’d like to hear.. thanks 👌🏼