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  1. Shoot, I thought he was asking about MF towels?? lol Yes for Shirts even if you get lint free, there's still pet dander and all kinds of things that can stick to it so I typically have several lint rollers at the shop that I use several times a day. It helps. Josh
  2. No link, but I got mine from GTechniq website. They're pretty darn good MF towels.
  3. Are you saying you make $126 ($21x6hrs) for a full front job?? the film alone is triple that cost. Am I missing something? that sounds off??
  4. Most of that is fixable. The bubbles can be popped as mentioned and many of those edges can be trimmed so they're not frayed. Honestly a jeep is a really tough install and with all those curves there's not much to tack too so the stretch marks are going to be there. Some vehicles are just not great for film. I would at least give him a chance to fix it.
  5. BTW a lot of the software out there will allow you to make circles and such other objects at the size you want and cut it out.
  6. For which car do they not have the B pillars? they have the software for most every SUV B pillars and many cars Ive done, mainly 4 door sedans. Not every car will be in there of course but I've found quite a few of them. The lower end cars they prob won't have. Honestly it only takes a few minutes to do a B pillar, cut one side straight on the table, then cut the other side out on the car. The amount of time it takes to lay out the film, pull up the patterns, arrange them, cut them, weed them and install them you could just throw them on and cut them out.
  7. I agree with Norm, there's no guarentee you won't have to use a knife on the car with a pre cut kit. I wouldn't try a new film to be honest, just cause it looks good for a month doesn't mean it will stay that way for the next 3-5 years. Use a brand that is tried and true.
  8. Honestly most software out there already includes B pillars and the other pillars, at least on SUV's they will and many cars too. Not a bad idea though but most people won't see the value in doing all that homework just to give it away for free. You'll end up having one or two dedicated passionate installers out there helping everyone else out and no one helping them out. Josh
  9. I was just about to mention your squeegee techniques but looks like you figured it out. Also keep in mind to squeegee with the contours of the car and try to leave yourself an out for all the solution to go to. If you close off all the perimeter of a panel before you squeegee you'll not be able to push it all out so try to foresee the process before you start it. There will be high points on certain panels that will start to dry faster and you need to anticipate those types of things, if they start to dry before you squeegee over them you can cause issues and marks in the film. On more difficult panels, mainly bumpers, I actually visualize and walk through it before I do it and it helps greatly to identify high points and large pockets before you actually install the film. (keep in mind I bulk bumpers no kits) Just some things to think about. Josh
  10. You really going to spray or mist a smart phone/tablet, put ppf on it then squeegee it out?? I wouldn't.
  11. IMO Xpel is very close to suntek in clarity but Suntek is still a bit better. You really have to see them side by side to see the difference though.
  12. Like Norm said, it just needs to be trimmed out a little further. Film will only stretch so much.... trim it.
  13. No sickness, and no makes or gloves or anything the whole time either.....
  14. I have not noticed any issues with their film sticking. I do every now and then get a client that just couldn't wait and already waxed or ceramic coated their car and I've had one or two new vehicles that felt like the film didn't want to stick as well, but then the next car I have no issues.....