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  1. Talk to your employees and see what they think...... they are the ones being effected by it, ask them their input, then come up with a plan that fits your agenda and makes them happy.
  2. Are you using mainly pre cut kits or doing it with bulk sheets? It's ideal to stretch and tack all your corners before you start to squeegee out the water. If you can cut several inches more then you need on each panel you should be able to tack to the next panel for panels that need more stretch. Once it's in place and squeegee out don't lift it again. If you find you're getting excessive dirt and dust under the film then you need to re evaluate your prep process and try flushing out trim better. Getting a clean install is usually all about prep work. If stretch marks are your problem then it's more about the techniques you're using while installing the film. Josh
  3. Most people use kits so you may not get many reply's. To do this bumper in bulk, you need to stretch it side to side fairly aggressively, then when you have everything in place and squeeged out you only need to splice the horizontal line, not the vertical line you show in green in that pic.... There's a bit too much to describe over a few sentences but basically trim the vertically close to that vent edge, then once the pieces are separated, stretch it back into that corner into the vent and I trim off the piece just below that horizontal line and in the lower groove then splice in a new piece so you barely see the bottom line only. If you call me I will describe it too you better over the phone. Find my number on my website. Josh
  4. Get on Suntek's website and look up who their rep is for your region and get ahold of them that way and I'm sure they'll get you a sample or a whole roll if you're needing it as well as discuss costs per roll and such. Josh
  5. Many panels that low have slightly textured paint and the film will not lay down perfectly flat which causes lots of little bubbles and edges like that to not stay down. If it's not textured like you say and are that worried about paint lifting, you need to just have them trim those fingers off. The installer may have forgot to heat down the edges cause it was such a low area.
  6. As mentioned it was prob a water pocket or just moisture left behind and a tiny bit of air in that moisture. Once the moisture is gone the air is left behind. That's a pretty easy fix.
  7. I would add Suntek to your list, they are a good film and one I would consider in the top 3 categories. Very stretchable, adhesive is not too aggressive and it looks good.
  8. This is a really old thread, I know Suntek has redone there software and it's way better then the original version and still way cheaper then anyone else out there. Josh
  9. You think it's unfair to charge $50 a month for a software program..... lol You realize they update dozens of patterns per week right, so you'd be spending a ton more money with your way of charging.
  10. Have you actually used it or seen it in person??? I have used it on rockers with a sample Suntek sent me and the orange peel texture in it looked no different from there other PPF's. It looked great matter of fact. It was a little more difficult to wrap around the edges and trim though but otherwise it seems to be a good thick film. Josh
  11. It is based off a BMW Z4 so the oversized hood is like an oversized Z4 hood. Suntek has a 72' film now for hood like that, I've used it and it is awesome. See if you can get some and you won't have those lines across the top part of the hood and it's a way easier install for oversized hood, takes the stress and stretch out of it all.
  12. You might even call around to some of your competitors and ask what they charge for a full front and full car just so you can get some ideas. Josh
  13. Are you doing it by yourself or with a crew?? Try to figure how many panels you can do per day and you'll have a better idea.