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  1. I was just about to mention your squeegee techniques but looks like you figured it out. Also keep in mind to squeegee with the contours of the car and try to leave yourself an out for all the solution to go to. If you close off all the perimeter of a panel before you squeegee you'll not be able to push it all out so try to foresee the process before you start it. There will be high points on certain panels that will start to dry faster and you need to anticipate those types of things, if they start to dry before you squeegee over them you can cause issues and marks in the film. On more difficult panels, mainly bumpers, I actually visualize and walk through it before I do it and it helps greatly to identify high points and large pockets before you actually install the film. (keep in mind I bulk bumpers no kits) Just some things to think about. Josh
  2. You really going to spray or mist a smart phone/tablet, put ppf on it then squeegee it out?? I wouldn't.
  3. IMO Xpel is very close to suntek in clarity but Suntek is still a bit better. You really have to see them side by side to see the difference though.
  4. Like Norm said, it just needs to be trimmed out a little further. Film will only stretch so much.... trim it.
  5. No sickness, and no makes or gloves or anything the whole time either.....
  6. I have not noticed any issues with their film sticking. I do every now and then get a client that just couldn't wait and already waxed or ceramic coated their car and I've had one or two new vehicles that felt like the film didn't want to stick as well, but then the next car I have no issues.....
  7. I have a 60 inch plotter but have never used it past 30 inches. However I bulk everything including bumpers so I'm not a good person to answer that question. I just know most installers use pre cut kits for bumpers. Some cars like the Porsche 911 have a very large rear fender which connects to the A Pillars and lower Rockers so that will need to be done on a 60, possibly a 48 but better to have extra. I believe Suntek TruCut is $100 per month, no fee per cut, cut as many patterns as you like. Not sure if it works on a Mac either, I have a laptop for it. You should get in touch with someone at Suntek as I'm sure they could better answer your questions. Josh
  8. My opinion is don't go exclusive, you don't want anyone tying your hands, be free to use whoever you want and change it whenever you want. With all the turnover, I'd bet you could find a good, used plotter much cheaper then a new one. I think Suntek's TruCut is the better software out there, from the standpoint of, it being accurate enough, cheap enough per month and simple. You just pay a monthly fee and don't mess with all the "money making" schemes some of the others are trying to push by making you pay monthly, then for each pattern and also be exclusive with their films..... ugh I wouldn't put too much money into software, most cars can easily bulk hoods, fenders, doors and such. You really only need it for bumpers and large rear fenders that connect to the A pillars like sports cars do. But's its nice to have for B-pillars and such small areas like that. I mainly use it for headlights and Porsche doors since the mirror base is on the door. If you learn to do more bulk installs you'll save tons of money on the software and patterns from XPEL and you'll turn out cleaner looking installs with better lines and less marks in the film. I also think Suntek and STEK have the best films right now, Suntek is tried and true, very user friendly and a great Co. to be connected with. They take care of their installers. STEK has a new film, it's extremely user friendly and very hydrophobic and they have a whole line of Fashion Films that are awesome but they're the new kid on the block so.... Josh
  9. Most of that looks like the underside of edges he tucked but possibly didn't heat down. Simple trim up should fix most of that. I wouldn't say it was a poor install for the underside of edges not being perfect. If that was on the top side then maybe yes.
  10. My suntek rep told me today the Core patterns are just more accurate patterns and eventually they will be switching all there patterns over to this new system.
  11. Good to hear things are up and going or getting going for you. I didn't even know about tintdude back then, plus I had no way to reach you, it's all good though, been staying busy so no worries. I don't get on this site too much but check it every now and then. Good luck with it all. Josh
  12. tell him to try to peel it off and that should settle it. Josh
  13. Large glass panels hanging on a wall or something like that. Spray water on the glass, hang the film on the glass, remove the backing, wet it, wet the car, peel the film off the glass and lay it on the car..... Josh