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  1. Got some! Local tint shop is selling me a roll, all gotta help each other !
  2. I’m located in freehold NJ Does not have to be a full roll, at least a 40 inch roll just ran out, thought I had more and I have a windshield to do Saturday any help would be appreciated
  3. No problem glad I potentially saved you over a grand
  4. Hey does anyone have a waiver I can print out? I have a ram 1500 coming in for his windshield and I’m afraid of the electrical box getting wet.. I’ll use as little water as possible by putting more slip solution in but still have to cover my a**. I already informed him about it and he’s perfectly fine with it but you never know 💁‍♂️
  5. Yeah, right now there’s snow on the ground and it gets dark pretty early. The first day I opened I have to say I almost had 30 calls the first week, had no ads, no pictures, no reviews, and a sh*tty website. Not sure why, but it was at the end of busy season I’m assuming that’s why.
  6. I’m in freehold area, there’s not many tint shops around me. And I’ve been doing pretty great jobs I really focus on quality, been hitting a few glass shops too and giving them my info for flat glass which seem promising.
  7. Looks like a trash install, even as a fairly new tinter I wouldn’t let a customer leave with an install like that.
  8. Should I be seeing more or less ? I already am set up on google and maps, I completely agree with you that google is #1 to get your name out there. Probably because a lot of people are still out of work and doing anything to keep em busy I’d assume
  9. from what I see, it’s not stopping anyone from getting tinted. Almost every car the passes me has tint on there vehicle new or old.
  10. Thanks I will be printing those out
  11. Yep, just as I thought he called me today complaining about all the water marks that have yet to dry saying it looks like sh*t. I’m almost positive he’ll want me to come back and do it over. I really want avoid going back all together because I’m sure he’ll never be happy ( not the first one who tinted this truck, found out 2 other people tried) in everyone’s experience what have you done in this situation. update: he wants me to come back 😊
  12. Everything turned out to be easy, but the guy wanted a perfect tint job, not to mention the glue from the last tint he didn’t tell me about, and doing mobile work in a truck yard with dirt and dust flying all over. Did a pretty good job IMO but he didn’t seem happy. Very dissatisfied when this happens.
  13. Nice, are the sweeps easy to take out ?
  14. Have one coming in Thursday, anything I should know? Thanks everyone
  15. Yeah I’d figure, I shouldn’t have a problem then. Thanks again for the help