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  1. I started tinting about a year and a half ago, I would buy cheaper tint to practice with (Lexen was my go to practice tint, and seems to hold up on my friends cars) and wasting a ton of $$$ on tint film after a few months I started getting decent enough to charge for it. I ended up getting a license and have a few hundred cars under my belt now, I’m still not the best and have to learn a lot but just takes a ton of repetition. Hardest thing for me was getting clean installs and learning how to properly clean a window before the install but overtime you learn what works best for you.
  2. Thought this was funny so I figured I’d share. had someone just call me asking me to tint the two front windows on a x3, he asked about a warranty so I told him I’d warranty any peeling or fading or if there are any obvious imperfections. Says “I don’t want any bubbles I want guaranteed perfection, it’s a BMW”.. told him that’s not happening and he pretty much hung up. 😂
  3. Justint

    2020 Sonata

    Yeah side seals were pretty tight
  4. Couldn’t agree more, but they won’t tell us about that.
  5. This is what I do. Use a clay bar instead of a scrub pad (it picks up more dirt between the defroster lines) and before install I turn the rear defrosters on. I only do this to cars like mustangs etc.
  6. Just did a 2021 x7. Didn’t realize it has a lot of steps to remove the door panel to get the sweeps
  7. My lighting around the shop isn’t great at all. So I’m trying different things the only problem is getting the light to show the bubbles which is a bit frustrating.
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question. Let me start by saying I use a 10,000 lumen work light that I move to each window as I install the film. Now why is it that I cannot see any visible tiny air bubbles from debris until I bring the car outside to natural lighting.
  9. I did this f450 work truck today, back window was covered by the rear work bed. What do y’all do when something like that is in the way. The owner of the vehicle is also a sander so the windows were full of grit, could not get them clean any tricks or techniques you guys can share?
  10. Got some! Local tint shop is selling me a roll, all gotta help each other !
  11. I’m located in freehold NJ Does not have to be a full roll, at least a 40 inch roll just ran out, thought I had more and I have a windshield to do Saturday any help would be appreciated
  12. No problem glad I potentially saved you over a grand
  13. Hey does anyone have a waiver I can print out? I have a ram 1500 coming in for his windshield and I’m afraid of the electrical box getting wet.. I’ll use as little water as possible by putting more slip solution in but still have to cover my a**. I already informed him about it and he’s perfectly fine with it but you never know 💁‍♂️
  14. Yeah, right now there’s snow on the ground and it gets dark pretty early. The first day I opened I have to say I almost had 30 calls the first week, had no ads, no pictures, no reviews, and a sh*tty website. Not sure why, but it was at the end of busy season I’m assuming that’s why.
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