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Guest Braud Spectrum

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Guest Braud Spectrum
This is a list of different types of forum participants and caricature's of each my sister just sent me. Some sound pretty familiar around here. :dunno Do you see anyone you know?
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Guest fastlanedesigns

That's awesome. Someone spent some time doing that. They pretty much have everyone covered. Pretty hilarious. I found myself rather quickly, my personality just doesn't show up here that much. I usually show up more in the political forums on another board I frequent.

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Guest tintgod

Flame Warriors




Warrior Index

In the beginning, before bandwidth, there was nothingness. Out of that endless void God and His heavenly host created...Arpanet, and it was good. But the scientific, military and computer angels Who dwelled in Arpanet were lonely, so They brought forth Browser, and the Web was born. It, too, was good and the children of the internet lived in peace and harmony and were fruitful and multiplied, but God warned His people not to eat of the forbidden fruit of commercialism. Alas, they disobeyed and soon barbarians drove the children of the internet out of Paradise. God, in His wrath, turned away from His people and condemned them to wander in the digital wilderness, but from time to time He will suddenly appear in mailing lists, chat rooms and discussion forums to remind us sinners that we could be saved if only we would hearken unto Him.

yep...that me... :hmmm

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