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HOW'S THIS for dumb customer???

Guest Zrok

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Guest Zrok

ok, this guy calls me the other day "I had an appointment with --- to get my windows re-tinted, cut my finger and couldn't make the appointment, and now they can't get me in, can you get me in today?" now at the time, 3 o clock, I had to do a caprice wagon and an old busted ass lebaron convertible. so I told him no, he had a '95 tahoe. about a half hour later he called back...."I was told the tint on the back of my truck is factory and that it can't be removed, is that true?? " now I figure why the hell is he wasting my time, and I tell him"I don't know until I see it, it is possible though." so he asks for directions. about a half hour after that is when the fun begine .....he shows up, with a factory tinted '95 tahoe, I tell him that the tint is 'made' with the glass and can't be removed. he wants 'green' tint and bought about 10 rolls from the parts store and wants his tint green. so he asks "what about if we replace all the glass with clear??" and I said I suppose so if we can get clear glass he says "well, let's go see how much to replace all the glass" now I'm really gettin' pissed 'cuz he's wasting my time and I've got paying work to do, so I go in and get him a quote for the glass, about 1400 with installing his film too..he also wants a 2 way remote start/alarm, another 570 so now he's up to almost 2000 dollars. he asks me to order the glass and before I can ask him for a deposit he puts 10 nice crisp benjamins on the counter. HE BOUGHT ALL NEW GLASS FOR HIS TRUCK SO I COULD PUT SOME PARTS STORE GREEN TINT ON IT WITH NO WARRANTY....then, oh then, when he picks it up, he gives us another 2000 dollars as a deposit for all the video equipment we're gonna put in next week. NO s**t. :lol:thumb

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Guest Zrok

see, I only get 40% of the tint (150) so I only got 60 off this guy, but I told the boss man that he owes me lunch if it goes through....and this week when it was time to pass out the checks mine had an extra hundy :thumb

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Guest Sprinter

yes thats what that means he's buyiin this week! why did'nt he just buy a suv with clear glass?

I guess who cares he's got the bejamins!

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Guest thetintshop

I got a few of those customers in that "market", they spend mega bucks!!! I don't like them in my shop, but their money pays the bills just as good as when I do stuff for members of my church.

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