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Do You have an ideas to grow


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Guest Diamond Tints

I would definetly like to expand we have just moved to a 1200 square foot unit because the last one was too small so must be a good thing but would like to be a dealer as well I am always trying to push forward :lol:coffee

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I mean for example from tinter to shop owner, from shop owner to dealer, e.t.c.?

Or really happy to tint forever?


I plan on it, but who knows. It all depends how this industry does the next couple of years

I had an interview with a publication and this is some of what I replied. I wrote five pages worth

Now don?t get me wrong, I enjoy this business. It is my life and blood and I plan on working in this business for a long time. All of my children have grown up with me being in this business and are now in college. They know the value of good business and what it means to have a good honest business.

I think the manufacturers and most distributors have shot themselves in the foot. It seems to me they are more concerned about bad mouthing their competition, and trying to get as many boxes of film out the door instead of helping the dealers who feed them. Why put all this energy is stealing from another distributor? It does not make sense to me to set up as many new dealers as possible and they fail within a year. Wouldn?t it make more sense in working with existing reputable dealers to create a better and stronger industry?

I think it should be harder to get in this industry. There should be interviews, buy -ins, a franchise like dealership, formal mandated education (not just on film, but glass, business, advertising, etc.) with strict testing, ongoing continued education with testing, certifications. Some education and ongoing education is available, certification is available; it isn?t mandated nor is it inclusive enough and an embarrassingly small percentage of installing companies take advantage of this. It should not be just for the business owner, it should be mandated for all installers. The film industry needs to work on being more professional, sharing a sense of pride. We need to be accountable to one another.

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