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feel free to move to makes and models :DD

WOW I used to h@te tinting PASSATS but NO MORE, this car is now more tinter friendly :lol if you have tinted a 06 JETTA this car is basicly EXACTLY like it but just bigger.

The rollups throw a couple fingers, but the side seals are not tight and dont have that rediculious reveal the other car had on the side seals. The Quarter window in snow on the door instead of where it used to be, the quarter window is kinda :DD matrix and rubber seal :gay but with a little rubber trimming its very easy. The backglass has the erd brakelight at the top and nothing to get in your way at the bottom, although it is alittle cramped at the very bottom, I used a sidewinder squeege and didnt have a problem.

I had this car tinted in almost a hour flat :DD the backgalsss is about as hard to shrink as a new body style accord, very easy and quick.

One thing I found odd was the parking break :lol usually on a VW you put the parking break on and the day time headlights will go off, after searching for the emergency brake with no luck I saw this big button an the dash, the damn thing has a automatic parking brake :lol :gay just puch the button adn you hear all these weird noises when it activates :lol but a push button parking break :evilgrin who would have guessed that one


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Thats cus my air conditioner was blowing right onto that glass and when I pulled it out of the bubble into the 100% humidity and 90 degrees it created condensation on the inside of the glass, I h@te it when that happens :DD dat AC is sum good shizz mang :evilgrin

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