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2005 Focus


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Is anyone else having trouble with film not sticking to the R/S dot matrix in the current model Focus?

I know its that old "matrix" chestnut!! I dont usually have any probs on other vehicles.

Thanks again Henry :beer

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Guest autotinter

yes I have had problems with it sticking to the top of the back glass. just used a bit of glue, it worked fine. but thats the only car I have that problem with, both the wgn and 4 door :ohcrap

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Idid a post on this a while ago...all you have to do is take a very small peice of wet sandpaper grit 600 - 1000 (both will work ...I use 600) wet scuff the dots ( be careful not to scratch the glass surface ...for more accuracy use the tip of a plastic push stick to get more accurate scuffing)

It only takes a minute and will solve any and all Ford peeling problems on perimeter dots.

Hope this helps :ohcrap

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