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Mdog soap method

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First off, I'm a big fan of this method since last yr (thanks Mdog :lol )

I've always used an Ivory soap bar , however, I ran out so I used Irish Spring because it was handy from the house and don't like it nearly as much ..got me to thinking of how many people that tried this method that don't like it hase been using another brand of soap bar other than the ivory .

I'm not saying that it's the best out there ..but I am saying that there can be a big difference in using one bar of soap over an other.

Food for thought :popcorn

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man I still have the same bar of IVORY, I must have done close to 700 cars with that same bar :popcorn and its only about half used up :lol


This just reminded me of another post I'm going to put in as a potential TOTW :)

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Ivory works well

I like the slip of dove, but it smells like my Grandma's bathroom :lol

I think the Ivory has a less harsh Ph, might be a little more easy on the film :popcorn

I wonder what metint's opinion on the <edit> is?

The spray-on <edit> is the shizzle

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Guest redgtxdi

Still can't figure out the <edit> method........(Yes, I even searched & found other talk of it, but no direct description).........but I assume it's something like this...........

Have her kneel on....................wait, wrong one.........hang on..........

OK, here we go.......

Lather the !@#$^! out of some Ivory & spread it all over a freshly cleaned back glass (with your hands? Washcloth?) & smear it all over the place.

Let it dry.

Lay your slightly OS film down & mildly anchor center/H/whatever you like (w/ squeegee? wet glove?) & then start shrinking??

Is that right???? :spit

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