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FELT! - Official list of cars/trucks/minivans/SUVs

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I thought this would be a good idea to get the collective experiences of everyone around the globe to help fellow tinters out in a pinch ..We've done this topic B4..but not overly organized so heres what I'd like to do:

Read carefully what members add to the list if there's something missing that you know should be added , then add it and not repeat something already mentioned ..After a day or 2 I'll cut and paste them in this first post and we'll keep adding to the list as time goes on for quick reference ..so we'll make this thread the official reference for felting :evilgrin

Side note:

If you know of the yrs of these cars that need it please mention or any refining of the list pleasemention and I'll fix it. Once the list is complete, you can print it off and keep it handy so you have it as a quick reference to know enough to charge appropriatly and won't be caught off guard :krazy

Here's what we have so far :thanks to the members below for this list that I've copied from :)

toyota echo (?-?)

chevy ssr (all years)

ford 500 (05 - present

honda accord 4 door (05-present)

dodge caravan (04 - ?)

dodge truck(2003 only)

Acura TL ,TSX (?-?)

All mercedes post (98- ? )Except M class, SOME SL's, and G 500's

Nissan Titan (?-?)

Saturn Ion (?-?)

Vue ( ?-?)

Scion Xb (?-?)

Saab (? - ? )

Mustangs (05 - present)

toyota echo

chevy ssr (all years)

2005 ford mustang

ford 500

honda accord 4 door

2003 dodge truck (04-05 were corrected)

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Guest Olfablade

Acura TL, TSX, Honda Accord 05 and newer.

All mercedes post 98 Except M class, SOME SL's, and G 500's

Nissan Titan

Saturn Ion and Vue

Echo's and Scion Xb

new Mustangs


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Mods feel free to edit my first post to add in any of the dates of the vehicles that you know ...likewise of members if you know what dates belong to which vehicles.

I'm going to add in Dodge Caravan ..I had an 04 that needed felt ..anyone know what yr they started needing felt and if they still do?

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