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Hey man, I've read your posts here, and on the is300.net site and I need to get my windows tinted on my '01 IS300. Where is your shop in Goleta? and What's your number?

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I don't have my own shop, the one I work for is in Santa Barbara at 711 Chapala.

I've never posted on is300.net :lol2:spit


Alright, well I heard about you somehow. I could have sworn it was over there, maybe just referrals though.

I called Cal Coast the other day and got a quote for 20% on the back 3 and 50% on the fronts. :spit

Could you tint 20% all around for me?

How much would that run me?

I know it's not legal to have 20% all around, but that's the look I want (I don't want to get you in trouble though).

I didn't have permission to pm you. Is there any "bro discount?" Haha! :lol2

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I get people asking me for help too, and if they are affiliated with an organization I support, or I know them, or they are referred by a friend, I help them out. It's not like it's going to hurt his pocket book. In my experience, forums members sometimes get a break on prices when they get parts or work.

TintDude - do you know of any shops where they will tint 20% all around? and thanks for not being an a$$ like the other guys.

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