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:? I had a F/G quote to do for large (Oz standard) Toyota dealership the other day, walk in on time did the meet an greet thing bla bla, first thing the service manager says to me up there (12ft mind u) measure up dont give me any of that mirrored s##t give me the blackest ya got, had quotes no what it is about, eddy expert in 2 quotes, run a tape over it check hights etc etc, check glass typs so as you can give a correct film for the glass type and performance rating etc, found to be 12mm LAM, (F##K wants black??? I can just see crazy cracks everyhere :lol ) . He says give me ya best $ an ya got the job, sounds easy enough, I started to tell him again about films thermals etc, nu to busy,$ thats the only more info he wanted off me, :hmmm Tells me im $20 bucks cheaper :lol , heared of my rep,likes me, cheaper ya got it, (cant wait)after the bla my question is, do you move on and do the install or put it in writting and hand it to him when ya finished about the thermal prob, or do ya refuse the job totally to cover ya a##?????? :shock.......................ya thoughts??

Oz.................... :bingo:DD

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I have turned down a job before that the customer wanted me to do cause I didnt feel comfortable installing the job with the type of application it had to deal with.

I would say get something in writing before you start tinting.

I tinted a Toyota dealership here in town and all they want to know is how cheap and when is it gonna be done, they dont want to hear particulars. Just explain to him how it werks as far as film to glass. Or put it on the outside. :bingo

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Cover your azz in writing before the first piece of film ever hits the glass... :dunno





amazing, simply tell them "its gonna break moron" cant be more clearer than that :DD

I woudnt do the job period, because if you cover yo azz in writing, if the panes crack, and when people ask who broke your windows?

he's gonna say you, that you tinted them and that they cracked because you installed that black film on!!!! even if you warned his asss :finger:

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