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security window film on automobile -

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Does anyone have any information about where and when this test might have been conducted?

you could call them


or email


and very impressive, especially the brick


Some one gave me a tip that it might not be their video, so I was hoping that someone here might know about it. I am trying to figure out if they are for real.

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their website looks legit. 

leo would have better videos. 

sorry I cant help much.


I am trying to figure out if it is legit. I just looked at their video for perimeter protection. http://ssafprotection.com/Perimeter-Protection.wmv

They are claiming that Urbaco is a division of their Holding It Together Inc company? When I was in England for about a year, I knew someone who worked for that company. It looks like the images on ssaf were taken from the Urbaco image library and made into a video.



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their website looks legit. 

leo would have better videos. 

sorry I cant help much.


Now I'm really beginning to wonder if they are legit.

On the ssaf products page, scroll down to Decorative Film and click on any page of the catalog.


It looks like the images were taken from here: http://www.decorativefilm.com/OnlineCataloguePage1.htm

So whose product are those decorative films? SSAF or decorativefilm.com ?

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Front door glass acted as though it were exterior mounted safety on lami glass.... :beer

Back door was more like it... 7-8 mil interior install...

Also I believe the phone number is to the individual who parted from SSAF of the UK... Am unsure the affiliation with SSAF / UK if there is any and there was some discussion awhile back about this same USA (SSAF) group here on TD.com... I'm sure a search entry of 'SSAF' would bring up an interesting read.

The video link reminds me of the format used in the current LLumar marketing video available to its dealer network (globally) and this may well be a copycat version to sell product.

Unfortunately... there is no clarification on what is actually used... could misconstrue actual or real life performance... :thumb

With the LLumar video... the demonstration was performed with 7 mil and the results are similar to what is witnessed (back door only) in the link above. :beer

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that question is like, which came first, chicken or egg?

alot of companies buy the film from some mega manufacturer then repackage the film under their own name.

just because several companies use the same film, it dosnt mean they are not a legit company.

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