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Hi, everyone!!! I really need some help, I own a tint shop believe it or not and I have only been tinting for about 9 months, I started this shop on a wing and a prayer, not really having a clue about tinting. I worked as a tech in a new car dealership for about 8 years before I quit to start my own business. I came up with the idea to start tinting after my wife took my truck almost 2 hours away from where we live to have it tinted for me for valentine's day last year, and then within a month took her new car to have it done also, and both of them were close to $200 bucks each. I got to thinkin that if she is willing to drive that far and pay that much there must be a real need for a tint shop around where we live. So last spring my former employer pissed me off and the next thing you know I'm signing a lease on a shop, and claiming to be a tinter. I only tinted 2 cars in my life before that and they were not pretty. So I ordered some online tinting coarse, bought me an olfa, some professional tint and went to work... SCARY HUH!!! Well believe it or not, it has not went that bad, I'll admit that some of my tint jobs were not very good at first but they were not that bad either because I focused on doing them the best I could with the knowlege and experience I had, and thank god for you guys cause this is where I've came for answers.

Sorry for the life story I just wanted to get you up to speed. Now here we are,seven and a half months later, I've tinted a couple hundred cars since I started this adventure and things are going well, the phones are ringing, the cars are coming in, and all is well except one thing. I MUST BE THE SLOWEST TINTER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! Some days I can tint a 2 door in 2 hours and some days it takes me all freakin day!!! I end up tinting the same car three times cause I keep screwing up every window and having to do them 2 or three times to get them right.... I would love to be better at time management, I am just not very consistant at cutting, shrinking or applying the film. Now I know that experience is the best teacher in any thing you do and I'm not trying to make a mochary of all who have been doing this for many years to be as good as you are, but I need to learn how to be a better more efficient tinter FAST!!! I am busy now and spring isnt even here yet!!! I would love to work in a high volume shop for a few weeks to get a better idea about things. I have looked into some tint schools but they are mad expensive and I am not sure I will get what I need from them. What should I do? Any suggestions would be great, schools, tint shops in the WV, MD,PA, DC area that might be interested in letting me job shadow, anything is good....

Hey thanks for listening to me whine, and if I don't reply tonight I will tomorrow, I have to go in early to finish the car I should have finished today so I don't screw tomorrows schedule all up... :?

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Hey Dan, :? , how can a shop tint a whole car in 45 min and have it come out looking good? My goals are to be able to tint three to four cars a day by myself with out spazing out, and get pure quality work, I get descent quality now but still some issues and as I said I am slow...

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