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What should a customer do to the care before tint?

Guest cstokes1

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Guest cstokes1

So, I plan to get my wndows tinted within a week. As a tinter, in what state do you prefer a car to be in? As in, freshly detailed inside or it's ok for the car to be a bit dusty and there be a bit of debris on the carpet? If my car gets detailed the day before I take it in to get tinted, how badly is the tinter going to junk up my protectand and leather treatment on my seats?

Just wondering so I can have my car in optimal conditino to make the tinter's job a little easier...

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Just empty the back seat and interior of any garbage, baby seats, papers, cds, etc. We have to work inside the back seat, so the more room the better.

The outside doesn't have to be clean, but don't take it in discustingly dirty either. Garbage in = garbage out.

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Guest nautiboi73
As a tinter, in what state do you prefer a car to be in? 


I prefer Georgia, but I am bias

a good clean car in and out. don't have to be fresh out the detail shop, but the cleaner the better.

If I don't have to worry about how dirty I am going to get working around a car the better.

SO in conclusion, just wash and vacum it

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If you have your car freshly detailed (not just a plain ol' wash), you will be a little PO'd when I get done with your car. You will have water streaks on the outside, some slight discoloration of the vinyl door panels, and I might possibly alter the pretty lines in the carpet from the shampooer. I don't do this intentionally to ruin the detail, but my process is necessary to do what I do. I do NOT wipe off streaks on the outside. I'm not going to take a chance of scratching the car. Just pretend your car is NOT a garbage can/catch-all/closet/shoe storage. Remove the crap you don't want us to play Godzilla on. Don't forget the trunk. Things WILL get wet back there.

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Guest cstokes1
Also, don't put any dressing on the seats or door panels.


DOH! A day late on that one! I did them up purdy and nice just yesterday!!!!!! (Not that it matters if they get jacked up though....but does it matter for the tinting side of the house? Shite.)

I'm getting my tint done tomorrow. I can barely wait. I sat on that hot leather yesterday morning (at about 10am) and jumped STRAIGHT up, howling and rubbing the backs of my thighs!

Washed the car all clean yesterday. Vacuumed and dressed the inside. Treated the leather.

Need to remember to take everything out of my little trunk....will I is the question!

Thanks for everyone's help.

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