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Ok so here is the scenario

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Guest dumplin

Use a vacuum , peel carefully and spray it out or . Make a relief cut as close to the contamination as possible and use some fine tweezers , carefully squeege with a yellow turbo and a little heat . Has worked in the past w/o redoing whole back glass .

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Guest tint rookie

set sprayer to blast.

pull that film back, shortest distance possible.

red dot wit 30 degree blade (all I use it for), pick that bizzo up outa there.

flush the heck outa it, take two.

try not to take one out and put two more in.

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Guest pmuzik
And honest...

I was wondering who would be the first and if they would be honest :bingo



I don't know about back glass's but when that shiot happens on a flatty job the FIRST thing I do is say WTF over :thumb you said honest right

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I'd try to fish it out with the above methods TTC..and then make a choice based on the car and the customer if a discount would be in order because it's an easy going customer with an older car that has other flaws in the glass or if it's a newer car, no hesitation, bite the bullet and redo ..whatever makes the customer happy ..or your conscious :thumb

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