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Nice view at the lake today

big money

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I was at a house today on the lake installling some film. There wern't many people down there yet, so I guess thats why it happened. I was trimming out an I.G. when I saw this pontoon boat slowly go by. The house I was in was two story and on stilts, I was on the second floor, so I had a good view point of the deck of the boat. There were several ladies on this boat, laying out getting some sun, nvde! I didn't see them at first until my helper started telling me to look closer at the boat. I saw them, then proceded to step down the 10" ladder, when I stepped in some ol' J&J on the ladder rongs, and then slipped and road that ladder down. My shinns are tore up. I guess thats what I get, my wifes curse strikes again. :bingo

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:hmmm too funny. but this thread needs pictures :krazy and NOT of your shins. :lol6

Come on guys, were's the compassion? Where do you think I was going, the camera was in the truck. I just knew that scene was worth capturing on film! What adds insult to injury is the fact that I had scaffolding on the back of the truck as well. Im lucky I didn't break my neck, especially for the blonde.

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