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Guest glassguy

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Guest glassguy

where would I start to get info on films for flat work? and what info to look for (I.e. what film for what type of glass, and specs that are most important) also, is there any resource for what types of glass not to put film on? do you price it similar to auto or is there a "standard" to charge like 3x cost of material including labor or how does it work. I dont want to just call a competitor and ask for a price, I would like some sort of starting point. the point isnt to be cheaper, just competitive.

thanks in advance

bubba :DD

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Guest darkdan

Contact whichever film company you want to use.

Have a nice little chat with them.

Your "rep" should be able to tell you the "rough" prices in your market.

They'll also send you the flat glass samples. Don't forget to ask for a "film to glass chart". That tells you what films are safe in what situations and will get covered under warranty.

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If you are inexperienced in window tinting then you really should take a training course on installation procedures and information on film to glass recomendations so if there is any window breakage then you will be covered by the film manufacturer cause you followed the film to glass recomendation chart. Your company will never florish unless you yourself knows how to tint and to do a good job so that the customer is pleased with the final outcome. If you just go slappin film on and it is not professional then you are not going to get any referals and your company will have a bad reputation as a hack shop. Kinda like what Tint Rookie runs. :bingo jk TR.

It is not so much the service that is offered in the beggining that the consumer likes, dont get me wrong it IS important but how you take care of them if there ever is any questions or problems they might have after the initial install.

Put yourself above the compatition and do quality work and you can justify your higher prices then everyone else.

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Guest xlabel

It's not just about hanging film either, thats the easy part. It's also about dealin with customers, moving 5000 pounds of crap outta the way to get to the window, taking down blinds, valences, curtains, etc.

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Guest glassguy

I have been tintin cars for about 8yrs, and have done a few small flat jobs too. but the demand is starting to come around for more flat work and I would like to be more prepared than just sayin "lets put some silver 20 on it" like the other guyz do.

it also helps for referals that the wife runs her little decorating shop too.

but the overall question was answered and I appreciate it guyz. I will try to find a film to glass chart too.



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