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Hanita's New Alpha Plus

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

HanitaTEK is the distribution company.

Alpha Plus is the new line of film.

I've used the Omega Plus. Little hard to shrink, it takes some heat. BEAUTIFUL color. 3+ years and still looks as good as the day I put it onto the vehicles (I see two of them on a regular basis).

I'm a Hanita fan. I just put the 6 mil solar steel 70% on my crown vic. The Solar Steel 50% is on my truck. The bronze is on my dad's car. I've used a little Astra (dyed) film, very easy to work with. I haven't seen those two cars since I did them though.

They make such pretty films. Yet a little hard to work with. I'm hoping the Alpha Plus is easier to use.

HanitaTEKSouth, is it charcoal or more like Omega Plus?

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I just got the omega in, the color is amazing. I have dealt with some hard to shrink films before so I hope this one doesnt pose too much of a challenge because I think I might end up using it.

I already have several cars wanting it, including two of my own. :dunno

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:dunno wow man 6 mil window film...and you did you crown vic back glass in that...very impressed darkdan. sounds like an awesome film...exspecially since its describded as "pretty" rather than charcoal or something plain....pix?
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Guest darkdan

6 mil on the back? Oh heavens no!

Just down the sides. LOL.

The back I'll be doing in the normal Solar Steel 70.

Here's the Solar Steel 50 on the front of my truck:


It's a "neutral" full metal. The 70% is practically invisible, but it meters 52% on the glass.

I'll see if I can dig up a picture of the Omega Plus.

Fiveofeen, it's not too hard to shrink. It can handle a lot of heat. Hides trash really well too. Sadly, it doesn't come in a 55% for my state. =(

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ahhhh I was gonna say how'd you shrink it!?! I use house film on rollups, Prestige 70. The other day a guy came in with an "L.A." tint job on just the rollups, maybe a metalized 20% and wanted the back glass the same. It was a convertible so the back glass was rather flat and I dont carry anyother than CS so had nothing that reflective. I put NV25 on there and it looked just right...mirrorish reflection at certain angles but you could still see in at other angles. I couldnt belive the NV shrank but I got it to work :dunno

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