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The downside of self employment

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I've had the worst cold/headache/body aches ever but with a full schedule ..been dying a thousand deaths :lol2 ..worse than that ..it's affected my post count :lol2

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
worse than that ..it's affected my post count :D

Sorry to hear that your sick, but I can help you out with the other problem, you can have some of my posts :D:duck:hmmm:hmmm

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Guest Braud Spectrum

Oh TW I know. Last week I was in terrible shape in my back after lifting a whole section of put together glass blocks (12 plus mortar) the previous weekend. I knew better but it needed to be done. And dug and hauled too much dirt. For three days I was all hunched over could barely walk in horrible pain to bend over or stand up straight but still had to work. Fortunately they were SUV's or trucks so I didn't have to crawl in any back seats. I hooked the cord of my heat gun over my water bottle so I wouldn't have to bend over to get it. :D

Hope you get to feeling better. :duck

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I woke up a bit better..I think I've gone from a "super bug" to just a regular cold now...that I can deal with ..at least the 4 day migraine lifted **sigh of relief**

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Good to hear you are back on top of things....sort of. :krazy

Last month I had a bug hit me right after lunch. I had all the tint cut and shrunk to do the car but didnt have it installed...went to grab a bite to eat....then it hit....I had to call my wife and get her to take the car back to the dealer and tell them id do it when I got better. I just barely made it home in time....barf.

thanks to the joys of self employment and being the only employee....had to be back at it the next morning...but at least it wasnt quite as bad....I just tinted the car with an empty bucket beside me :lol2

:lol2 Feel better for the long weekend! :lol2

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