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pinstrips in film after install

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I don't really know how else to explain it... pinstrips. Rows and rows of tiny dots.

I did a arch window about a month ago helping a friend... used SunTek... the window was probably like 35x60. He did the window before I got there... but I checked it out and I could see all these tiny dots in rows...

Yesturday I did a huge palladium window.. 60x70. used Madcow... when I was done the whole job I went back up to check out the window, and again.. rows of tiny dots.

I'm sure this is normal and has happened before, I just never noticed it.

Any idea what it is??

I assume it goes away as the film cures, as I have never had any call backs about it.

Just curious....

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Had that happen a few times with JWF SV-40. It does disappear as it dries. Mine looked like tiny gray dots. I was assuming it had to do with the adhesive maybe not getting wet enough. Hopefully yours will fade away like mine. When it happened to me...I dint notice until after doing 300 sf and was like OMG!!! Later Man...

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Guest tintgod

it will dry out...if the windows are getting direct some light as you are installing or soon after...you will get that as the film is drying...it will go way.

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