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  1. So this happened the other day. Did an estimate... bunch of casement windows, a set of french doors, and two upper large triangle shaped windows. The woman had gotten her car tinted, so as I'm working up the numbers, she's trying to figure out the cost for the living room windows. And... she was within like $5. It was crazy. I was dumbfounded. I said I need to take her with me on estimates so I can save the time of figuring out the prices. Glad your tooth is doing better. ETA: Forgot to say how she did it. She was looking at the windows, and figuring how many 'cars' it came out to be... and then just took the cost of her car and multiplied it. I know cars aren't priced by sq/ft... but like I said, she was spot on.
  2. 'evening all.... Hope your toothache feels better...
  3. I'm getting too old for this crap. Lol Plus I've been sitting around for 3 months ... Super out of shape other then rounder.
  4. Na... It's much higher. But still... Yeah.. now my quotes are for 60 days .. but way back then..... :Blink
  5. I gotta go back up and look at it again... I have pictures from when I was there last time but it's be 13 years. Lol wanna see if anything's changed. Then I'll come up with a game plan I guess. I'm still in disbelief. And I evidently priced it too low. Lol
  6. So like back in 07. ... I gave a quote to a CVS to tint their windows .. last week I get a call from a window guy I work with looking for a quote for his client and sure enough same CVS. Never in a million years did I think they would approve it. .... Sure enough they did. It's a stupidly hard job that I don't even want to do... Let alone I have no idea how to even get to the windows. Been shaking my head for the past hour. Ugh...
  7. Agreed. That has to be an awesome feeling, and one well deserved.
  8. "We're all stuck on the world's worst roller coaster ride".... Article came on my phone this am...... I think it puts things nicely. lol
  9. And, we're at monday again. 'morning all.....
  10. Best option will be to remove that piece of tint and apply a new one. Re-applying film generally doesn't work well unless it's done at the time of doing the tinting. ie before it starts to dry.
  11. Very cool! Congrats! I know that lessons the stress of life tremendously.... so very very cool. House sitting this weekend... and part of next week.. Gonna try and make some ribs myself. We'll see.... also wanna try making a tres leche cake.. for absolutely no reason. lol Just didn't look hard on youtube.... so we'll see. also trying to find a new place to live.. Busy week ahead for me.
  12. He's cute... I hope he makes it. 'evening all.... Been a weird day.......
  13. Agreed. There are too many variables involved with that type of film. Cars are so different from FG films and the needs of homeowners and businesses.... Glass types... locations.. etc.
  14. I'm house/dog sitting for a friend... so while I won't actually be with anyone... I'll be BBQ'ing and out in their pool all weekend.
  15. It def looks like it has a lot of sugar in it. So... in a weird turn of events... which I'm still processing, and treading lightly around.... A friend of mine called me up a bit ago to talk about doing his flatglass work. Estimates, sales, and installs. I told him about the issue with my feet and not being able to do the larger jobs... which he seems to be ok with. It's not my ideal situation.... I actually wanted to work for another friend of mine, but because of covid that was put on hold. Hopefully at some point that ends up working out.... but for the time being, I think working with this other friend will be... fairly good. Been doing work for him for the past 3'ish weeks... talked to him tonight for over an hour about stuff. We'll see... I'm still planning on servicing my own customers.. and any calls I get.. but I'm not gonna push my biz. I dunno... Also had a past employer post that he was looking for another IT tech... which even though I've been out of computers for like... ever... I could catch on to, but I really didn't enjoy doing that. While I actually like sales and tinting... smallish jobs at least. lol The one thing I have learned over the years - nothing is forever. Life changes... and life goes on. So if this doesn't work out... it's whatever. Life will go on. I know it's cliché, but I will survive either way... or anyway... or whatever.
  16. 'morning.... Anyone ever have or make Tres Leches cake? Thinking of giving it a try next week when I'm at my friends... (I hardly have any kitchen stuff beyond being able to cook hotdogs. )
  17. I went over to my mom's tonight... I don't visit often cause of covid... anyway... I was on the highway.. and there was this new'ish Mustang... I get next to him and floor it. He didn't bite. I let him catch up to me.... I look over at him - of course tinted windows, but I could kindof make him out... So I just smile and punch it... hoping he'll take the bait. Nope. What a wuss. I'm in a 20 yr old GTI and he wasn't into it. Oh well... I tried. Gotta try and make some fun where I can. I know my GTI is nothing compared to newer cars and stuff... and I have NO chance at actually winning..... but it's fun to try!!!!! On the way home from my mom's I burned rubber twice at different intersections.
  18. I should probably post this someplace else.. but anyone know anything about smart-tint for cars? I've had a few jobs on offices.... but my guess is it's different for car windows.
  19. Cool! Thanks for the tips.
  20. I tweak my back pickup up a pen from the floor. Sucks getting old. lol So due to covid I wasn't sure if my yearly house/dog sitting gig would happen. I use to do this for like 4 or 5 families.. but due to various things it's pretty much dropped down to one. Which whatever. Anyway.. just got a call that it's on for next week. Not the whole week - Sat, Sun, then Wed-Sat... my friend's daughter couldn't get off work the whole week, but still... it's several days away from the frat house. They got a gas grill - I really, really want to try making ribs. Any suggestions on if I should just do them inside in the oven or outside on the grill??
  21. Yeah that could have. We've been getting some nasty storms too... tress down all over the neighborhood. Fortunately nothing here but branches....
  22. I have a job tomorrow... frost on a bathroom window that is like 80" wide by 40" high or something... I might be able to do it myself but I'd rather have a 2nd pair of hands. Gonna be the first time I work with someone in 4 months. I gotta say - I'm actually excited about it. This whole covid thing sucks....
  23. I really really hope all these spikes don't screw us here in Jersey.....
  24. Got a flat on my grom today.. that was fun. A couple weeks ago I saw a big bike riding on the highway with a flat back tire. I actually turned around at the next exit to see if he needed help, but he kept riding.. on the shoulder and slower... but did it. So when I was riding, I heard a 'pop' - I thought a rock or something hit my helmet. Got to the next light and sure enough it was my back tire. I skid... like... all the time. I don't wheelie... don't know how, and don't feel like looping it. But skidding is fun on a grom. So I know it was only a matter of time.....