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the first time

Guest llunio

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Guest timthetintman

I remember the first one I did, an 89 2d grand am... man I was such a hack. of course in another 10years I'll probably look back and say the same thing again :eyebrows

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I started small with wing windows and then rollups on up to backglass. couldnt tell ya what kind of car I started on or which car I did all on my own :lol2 there has been way to many at different shops and different films...its all a blur how I came to be

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The first whole car I did by myself was an early nineties Bonnevile. You know, the kind with 4 windows on each side! :lol2:lol:shock

It took about 6 or 7 hours and I'm sure it looked horrible.

My next try was a Mercury Cougar. Remember them ginormous doors? No way could a newbie like me handle those suckers.

It's truly a wonder I stuck with it.

When people say, "that takes a lot of patience," I say, "no, it just takes a lot of determination."

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