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AUDI A4 2008


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SO I did one today for the first time . White seems to be a popular color this year ..but I like it .

Pimped it with some ATR 20 CH . De guy didn't know what to pic So I had to choose ..I just love these customers .

Could be a fun car to do , but I had just one of these days ..took me about 3,5h ....don't know what was going on but I did most windows twice :spit .

Easy windows !!! but hey I geuss this happens to everyone from time to time.

just a few tips and how to's ...1 ) The rear break light just slides down to remove , 2) for the back glass its easy to remove the 2 side panels because they are to tight and its hard to slide the film behind them .

Heeeeeeeeeer's Jhonny





Yeah I know I take bad pictures :thumb

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