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madico flat users

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Guest SqueegeeMaster

we used it on a job which had big windows. chose it for low-absorption as they are big laminated windows, 2 out of 4 cracked :/ I don't know if it was a shadowing issue though.

never had problems with any other Madico product so if someone can shed some light that'd be great

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Guest vclimber

I'd never put TSG 335 on laminated glass, that's asking for trouble. As far as the film, it is a decent DR with great adhesive that will look bad after 10 years or so -ime.

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Guest vclimber
Thanks VClimb, I guess I'll stick with sunscape films cause I don't believe TSG is warrantied against fading but adhesive failure should be covered :thumb

Funny, TSG 335 used to be a Sunscape Film back when the program started. If you install that film correctly adhesive failure will not be an issue, their dry adhesive is bomber.

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