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Get a shamwah how ever you spell it...

A GERMAN MADE Chamois great for flat glass especially for thos older windows that need flushing. Don't get everything soaked, plus re-usable... nice....

I use it on teh bottom window ledge and use for PRE-CLEANING. Best thing ever, 6 sheets $23usd cut into smaller sheets or roll up/./

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I've been using those chamois for over 10 years... except I've been buying them at the Dollar store. I cut them into 3 equal strips and 5 packs usually lasts a couple of months (that's $5 Can.). They are the same as the Sham Wow's you see on TV (made in Germany stamped on every sheet) but each one measures about 20" x 20". You have to make sure to rinse them out and hang them dry after every job or they get really stinky! I still can't believe that they are still only $1 each! Cheers!

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I got my 6 sheets that I measured yesterday were 36" long x 20" wide orange.. from the KIOSK in the mall in Niagara Falls USA guy was demonstrating it. Pretty cool. One sheet can soak up 1 litre of pop completely dry. I was there and thought of film so had to buy,,,

3 for $15 or 6 for $23 took the 6 with a smile...

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