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Chrysler is shutting down!


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Well, let me clarify...they all shut down for a short time during the holidays, and they are all shutting down a little longer this year, but Chrysler will be down the longest. I would not be afraid of them going under, b/c they will just regroup and come back strong. Something needs to happen however, but I don't think a bailout is the answer......we will have to wait and see.

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Guest Kokomo Tint & Dent

They are still getting paid though aren't they? Those guys don't know how good they have it, the big factory employees go on strike more than any other business I know of. Delphi has a long holiday too.

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If it wasn't for the UAW, they might not be in such a mess... :linedrink

Sure, none of this is a result of MISMANAGEMENT!

I agree that the UAW is really doing damage to these companies, but the CEO's of these companies could have made much better business decisions for the amount of $$$$$$$$$$ they were getting paid! :eyebrows

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The folks at Chrysler are not going to be paid, except for unemployment is what I heard.

Could this be a ploy where the Automakers claim they will not be able to reopen their assembly plants until the Gov't gives them the $$ they

are holding their hand out for ?

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