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flawed glass, we all see it???

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needing info on bad/ dirty thermal pains???

any of you dudes find this prob will be great help.

we all see the bad glass,

and we try to tell the customer ahead of time befor the tint installation.

iwill be turning in some paper work to him on monday. tuttle

I tinted a customers windows 3 yr's ago and his warrany has been up. thay are in a fl room 12' deep lani with tinted plexy glass. and never seen the dirty thermal, lani didn't let no light in to see the glass properly, was done in the summer suthren sun only come in 2', and the winter months the sun comes in at 16', now seeing the dirty tinted glass

I went to see him on a service call 1 month after the tint install and he was showing me my dirty tint job,

and I discovered that welding slag was between the doubble pains.

contractor replaced the glass. after I removed the film and problem fixed.

and charging the customer for 2nd solar film istallation.

my boss gets a call from him again last week,

again doing quality control.

he was telling her that he was seeing bubbles in the film,

and checking them out.

the inner pain inside of glass seeing dirty streeks, in all 3 sliders

not cleand properly,

and seeing sweat droppings inside the thermal on outsiide pain of 1 of the sliders

a total of 3 sliders 45" X 91"

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no kiddin' :lol I can hardly understand anything you post dude. :thumb you need to try properly spelling shiat and using complete sentences. :lol



Couldn't add the following: tuttle . This could be because they are already in your list or they are not affected by the ignore list or the member name does not exist.

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thank u TINT. for the help , bucket is bull sheet.

u guy's didn't even take the time to down load the pic :nope ,

and u would see that there was a thousand specks in between the dubble pain glass, :?

I can see how u all help outher tinters,

:spit no respect, just a lot of :spit . I see how u guy's treat your customers.

:fdup thanks but no thanks

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Guest vclimber

:spit dude I don't know what is funnier, your post or everyone's reaction to it. Sorry, can't help it gotta laugh 1st. :spit

After trying to decipher your post and look at your micro pic... Ok, let me take a stab at it. When you were prepping the glass did you hear a gritty scratching sound when you were scraping with your 6" scraper?

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