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Heat lamp display


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Guest tintjam65

Unless the display has a halogen bulb, glass sample plates, a cloth surface and using a laser thermometer to compare surface temperature of the cloth through glass with and without tint, heat lamps combined with a btu meter are nothing more than missing leading in practice. :thumb

Halogen bulbs better mimic the suns energy compared to infrared heat lamp. :thumb

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Wondering if anyone knows where to purchase those square heat lamp displays? 4 sided for different quality films etc

I think that you might be referring to a Huper Optik Hot Box. Not sure if they still make them, but they were square, had 4 sides of glass and rotated around a heat lamp. Hope that helps. :thumb

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I'd say your better off banging out a few cars cause you guys earn pretty well while tinting, it would prob take more than a few hours and also sourcing materials to build one.

Now if you have a guy who builds enclosures with all the fixin's handy maybe its worthwhile if they can make it look good.

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This is the one we use. It has a heat lamp inside at the top, and you slide a piece of glass in the side as the customer puts their hand in and hold the button down to turn the light on. Then we slide the tinted glass in so the feel the difference. Its called a "Wow" box b/c almost everyone says "WOW!" when they feel the difference in heat.


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