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The New Zep Bottle...

Guest WFWB

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I use the Zep model 6400 for applying solution and just broke my last bottle. Went to the big box store to buy more and what I find is there new bottle. So with an open mind I buy 10. Big mistake THEY SUCK!!!

Why in the world would they change a great thing? The new bottles break every 3 days or so. They don't have an even spray and don't put down enough solution. And to be a little girl about it after a long app I fill my hand clinch up. Just to wrap things up THEY BLOW!! And I don't mean water :thumb Is it just me on a soap box or does anyone else have this problem? And what bottle would you recommend?

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Guest scottydosnntkno

I've had my same 3 basic cheapo ones from some film supplier(the clear bottle and white/green tip trigger) for like 3 years and they still work just fine.

I find it easier to use bottles for auto and my tank for FG, so the bottles get quite a workout

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