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Problem I have never seen before!!

Guest S and S

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Guest S and S
:thumb This guy comes by in a 94 Camry Today, wanting to set an appointment for tomorrow, ok, here is the problem, There is something on the glass. When you look at the front windshield from a angle, it looks like zebra stripes, and he says when the window fogs up, there is a haze that gets on it, that when you try to wipe it off, it smears, but where its dry it looks like baby powder?? Has anyone had this problem, or heard of this, I know that when I start tinting it, and spray my slip solution, that is will haze up and this shiznet will smear, and be a big problem, I told the guy that I would try to find something out tonight, and to come back by tomorrow. PLEASE HELP!!! HaHa!! :thumb
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Guest S and S

the WindShield is real bad... but the whole car looks like it is covered in Baby Power..and when its cold and you try to clean the windows, he said it smears like its greasy, but after it sets in the sun, it dries up like baby powder!! I dont know what the deal is, the guy wants it done, but I am afraid it will mess the tint job, is it in the glass, or is it in the car, or what? F$$$ if I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was it ever Scotchgarded? I think when all that cheap vinyl in cars breaks down, and gets exposed to sun something weird happens, don't really know, but I wouldn't tint it. Never seen anything like that in all these years S..:thumb

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Guest Tint Slug

I say tint it....then come back here and educate us on this weird haze/film :thumb if it doesn't workout you might save us some time if we come across it ....JK.....send him pack'n unless he takes responsability for the haze

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Guest Custom Effects

I may be dumb...... but I remember one time I had a heater core take a dump on me, and it did many of the same things you said. Try using a degreaser on the glass before you clean it with your normal cleaner?????

Let me know if it works (and if you try it)

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