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1987 FORD MUSTANG... any tips?

Guest cslee0811

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Guest shadeking

Old(er) cars need extra cleaning. Clean the hell out of those dots with a solvent that wont melt the plastic. Pull the door panels too.

edit- I use to own an 88 Mustang, was a great car.

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For the rollups, line up film to bottom edge of window and have an extra couple of inches of film where it will tuck behind the mirror, but "don't" trim by mirror yet. Now, roll down window and trim the top edge, then line up your top edge where you want it during install, then bump it accordingly and trim the long side. Then round everything off, and trim the portion by the mirror, it should roughly measure about 3.5 inches tall and 38" side to side.

For the 1/4's, use a clear scrap of liner and trim 2 pieces at once. I do this since the inner moldings hang slightly over the glass on the inside, making the matrix edge hard to see.

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