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what sprayer to use


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building a cornelius keg sprayer and trying to decide what sprayer nozzle to use. i found one on zola the "Smith sprayer" just wanted to see if anyone used this sprayer and how they like it. this one caught my eye because of the price but im open to suggestions.

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I like the 3 gal sprayers. They have a fan tip, but good luck finding one new with a thumb trigger. The new ones come with a palm trigger. Weak. Like many, i have a graveyard of parts for it so changing the trigger out isnt an issue.

yeah sounds like the smith sprayer i ended up getting http://www.zoladist.com/p-225-smith-sprayer-nozzle.aspx . i like it alot and use it for all my auto installs. has a filter in the sprayer and a nice fan pattern. i did however cut down the trigger as it was too big for my liking.

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