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MB SLK 230

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Had a custy drop in his Kluger for an R&R and his SLK 230 for a tint and left them with me for a week while he did his shift at the mines.

All was going sweet , ripped off the Kluger in good time - simple job , tackled the Merc straight after - no probs with the doors, 1/4's a little tricky but no worries there, comes time to do the rear screen and the top wont go down any more.

Wasted heaps of time on this over the week trying to figure out what I stuffed up. Downloaded heaps of info from MB Forums on the SLK 230,even called in a mechanic mate to take a look, in the end had to give back to the custy to take in to the dealership to sort it out.

After a few sleepless nights wondering how good my insurance was, the custy returned it to me to do the back glass with a "sorry for stuffing me around" the hydraulics had sprung a leak but had waited to get to my shop to stop working altogether.

Cost to customer to fix $2500, cost to me - sleepless nights ............ maybe this shouldnt be in horror storries , is there a "Dodging a Bullet" category? :sad:blink:unsure::woot2

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