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Proper Solution for 5-7gal automatic sprayers??


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Hey guys, I just purchased my first automatic sprayer.  It's a seven gallon model although I will probably run it at 5gal, or less.


Anyway, my question is, does anyone use an automatic sprayer and do you have a good water to baby shampoo ratio that seems to work well.  I don't want to spend a lot of time filling and re-filling just to figure out the right mix.  


I know that temperature will change the way I mix(i.e. summer-vs-winter solution) but if anyone is already using one of these on a regular basis and knows a good formula please give me some suggestions. It would be much appreciated.  


Thanks,  Jason @ the Drive Shop   Trussville, Alabama 

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Proper solution is a hand held that can be rinsed regularly.  :facepalm2  :blink

Hmmm, let me see, average four 32oz bottles per 4-door car---average 3 cars a day = about 3 gallons a day.  So seems to me I will be cleaning and refilling daily.  AND NO CARPAL TUNNEL, plus more pressure and constant spray equals better installs.  

Tint slime homee.

I have thought about trying the Slime, just haven't yet.  I can get a sample bottle so I might try that.  Thanks 

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