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Best tin to buy uk help

Guest P10TSN

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Guest P10TSN

hi guys looking at buying some window tint had a look around and diffrent types flexfilm and suntek seem to be the most popular ones,, but where can u buy it from in the uk or is there any links on ebay uk that sell good tint sorry if ive posted in the wrong place new to the site and been told to come on here and i will get the help needed 



and if your woundering yes i can tint but the guy i used to get the tint from has passed away i only do it on my own cars

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Hello P10TSN,


This is Howard at Express Films.


We would be glad to provide you with a delivered quote to the UK.  Our company has worked in the Solar Control Industry for since 1982.


Please feel free to email me at howard@buytint.com





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