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2012 golf back window from hell?

Guest Derek Medeiros

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Guest Derek Medeiros

five years experience... and I have done these before without an issue.


but this one kicked me in the ass, seven.. yes SEVEN attempts it took to finally properly heat this back window.


it totally ruined my day/mood.


I never had this severe of an issue, but when it came to getting down to the final bottom corners my tint I'm using won't heat any more... it either melts or creases, heat on low... I ended up having to do a pressure cut :thumbdown on both corners, still pissed.


does anyone else use Lumar ATC? I'm starting to believe this tint is crap. it only heats so much no matter how much you stretch it heat it...  


told customer to come back in a few days as Im going to redo it (not happy with the job although the customer is, I'm super fussy)


I'm going to try another brand of tint I think, whatever closest matches the atc 20


after this car I almost wanted to quit tinting in general :facepalm2

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what are you using on the window when shrinking? try using Meguiars carnauba wax instead of a fabric sheet, even if your using bad film which llumar isn't it makes every thing shrink so much easier, the film won't get hung up and seems to shrink so much easier, I use this when tinting with Wincos which is a very thin film and it works even better then baby powder IMO. good luck let us know how it turns out.


Also did you notice Booms hand holds on the bottom corners, to pull the film while shrinking, that really helps too.

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Guest Derek Medeiros

apparently my trainer/mentor said that 2012-13 was particularly the hard year to do.


the pictures above are of the older golfs/rabbits golfs, which for me are not nearly as hard.


as for soap, I use a regular soap bar wrapped in a microfiber cloth, soaked and swirled on, dried and then I lay my tint, with my H pattern.


Ive never used the Lumar ATR, I have heard of people telling me Lumar atc is the cheapest lumar tint to purchase.


I do not make the calls on what to buy, my boss does that and I'm fairly certain we have a good deal with Energaurd (Canadian supplier) who sells us this stuff.


I tried pulling the corners and it still would melt!

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