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standard or high performance

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I am in the UK so we can get away with using normal died film as we only have about 10 minutes of sun per year :spit

My question is this, I install Suntek standard film. Not the HP variety. As well as the long term resistance of the HP film, are there any other benefits that I will gain by switching to it. Is a HP film less resistance to creasing, is it much harder to shrink??

Can anybody add anything to the pot to help me make my decision



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high performance film is so much easier to handle for me. I cant touch a piece of dyed film without @#$% it up anymore. :)

:popcorn on this one. HP is much easier to handle/transfer than dyed.

Shrinking is noticeably different as most dyed films will react a bit quicker to shrinkage than a metallized film.

The pros and cons are nearly 50-50 in your particular part of the globe.

In Texas it's a no brainer. HP for the serious tint customer. Standard for the fool with short change and a penchant for sweating. :lol

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Guest Litespeeds

Suntek HP Charcoal is a very good film which shrinks almost like a dyed film. It is a little thicker than the dyed film so I think it is a little more resistant to creasing but it all depends upon how you handle the film. I use a Stanley cotton glove and can usually feel the film and can tell if I am going to crease it or not while I am heat shrinking.

I would switch over and only carry the HP Charcoal instead of the standard if I were you.

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Guest Blade

Go with HP....I've been using the NR True Grey alot more lately. It looks great but I can't stand thin films. HP won't crease as easily. It will still shrink fine. I think you'll find the HP lines are much nicer to work with.

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