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Full routine----tryin to cut time

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Okay, so I am getting to the point where I am confident, but trying to fine tune a routine to cut time.  I work in surgery on a secular basis and cutting operating time is a big deal in our field for infection issues, etc.  But in the tint field.....$$$$$.  But so you know where I am coming from, it is a "thing". I work with guys that can do a Total Knee replacement in 20 min and guys that take almost 2 hours.  I know where they are falling short, but can't do much about it.  My tint speed....it is in my hands, my control.  I wanna be in the 1-1.5hr range for a 4 door car.  Now quarter windows and sunvisors can add time...I get that.  But if I can be under 2 hours for even a car with a few quarters and a sunvisor....I'm thrilled.  Right now I am runnin about 2.5 hours for a 4 door car with two rear quarters.  No sunvisor.  So I wanna shave about an hour.  Here is my routine I wanna try next.


Shrink back window first

Clean outside of doors and cut all 4 windows (more if quarters are involved)

Shrink all 4 in one swing

Razor, clean gasket/seals all around, squeegee window, lay film (one window at a time)

Scrub back window with #0000 SS, microfiber, squeegee, lay film


I think this may get me under 2 hours for a 4 door, maybe with quarters, no sunvisor.  I know some of this is operator error and will get better in time, but looking for step cutting ideas to save time without costing quality.  I did my buddys Camry last night in about 3 hours.  Had to recut a few (one he messed up rolling a window down I had cut and laying on it.....One of the quarters I had to recut too.  And of course we were chatting and I wasn't zoned in 100%.  but if I could get a car under 2 hours under these circumstances....I would feel real good about it.

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I don't wish to work 10hrs a day to much but one saturday

2dr Cobalt

2 dr Hyundi genisis/big back glass?

4dr jeep wrangler,,10 windows?

4dr Jeep cherakee,,12?lol

4dr big caddylak

4dr Honda accord

2 chev trucks,front door glass

All had windshield strip except caddy and accord

One complaint customer in the bunch,,cherakee had couple specs of felt in 1 doorglass and a small crease/rear qtr and she called like 3 times before I was done,,so I rushed hers thru to fast?lol redid them few days latr

No time for the internet either,,,but I did manage to eat,,my girl brought me some healthy Mcdonalds,,the phone only rang a few times(told one guy!drop it off and dont hold your breath?lol,he didnt show up)and I had a guy get me a bundle of paper towels

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I don't heat gun very many doorglass on the outside,,but will use it on the inside when installing when necc,,and gasket shields help keep the bottom seal dry whether you top load or bottom load the doorglass

And powder is way faster than soap,dryer sheets and wet shrinking for the backglass

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Me? Yes,I cut all of them after cleaning outside pretty good,,then clean inside and throw it on bottom loaded and squeege it hard with the Blue 3m card and a little triangle were the card wont fit

And getting comfortable helps the ankles and knees? For low cars


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I'm no doctor, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...sure, I can replace that knee for you in 20 minutes.  :lol  I think I would rather go with the guy taking his time and making sure things are going to be done right the first time. doctor-smiley-face.gif

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