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OMG....just need to vent....one of those days.

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Okay, so I finished up the Impala SS and got it outta here.....happy with that one.


Went and picked up my grandmas 09 TSX I tinted a few months back.  Had a little finger in the passenger window I could not get to lay out.  Did it before I was preshrinking and got to the finger too late apparently.  So I just redid it.  Took me 20 min from pullin in to cleaned up to strip it/clean/apply.  Turned out good.  I was happy.


But then.....I should know when to stop when the goin is good.  I decided to see how easy it was to pop the rear deck outta my Civic thinking about when I redo the back glass from where I creased it a little goin over the brake light.  Well, popped it out in a few min, so I was like "well, heck, might as well do the b/g. Right?"   


Well, I had no plans of doing this and was supposed to be somewhere shortly with the kids to ice skate so I tried to shrink out the glass real quick.  Well, got to about the end and burned it trying to stretch out a crease line......pitched that sheet.


Then shrank another.....gotta bad crease on the last quarter......geez....really?  I've shrank this back glass a few times before already.....I know I can do it.....so I prepped another sheet...got it ready to shrink, but then had to leave to go ice skating....at this point I am like..."well, I need to walk away.  Take a break.  I was rushing and that's when things get screwed up.  I should know better by now."


Come back a few hours later, shrink it out, turns out good, install it, have just a few little fingers on passenger side.  get those out, then a few small crease lines.  Heat the first one up, get in the car with my chizler, go to push on it and tear a small hole in the tint and see light come through....holy crap!!!!!!!!!  Ripped it out, packed up shop.  Gonna do another day when I don't have to rush, or have my kids where I wanna chill with them.  Gonna wait til I can just go out and do at my leisure....lesson learned....lol.  Good thing is my rear deck is real clean under the plastic...haha


On a side note, I think I will do it without pullin the deck though.  Too much stuff to worry about coverin and the seats being folded down kinda a pain too.  Guess I could fold them back up but that seems silly.  Would have to pop headrests too.  I got a good lay with the back deck in, just gotta make sure I dont pinch the roll over the third like I did last time.  Plus it's all plastic so makes a good dust free environment once you get it cleaned and wet.


Just had to let it out....hhahahah.

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Shrink. I think speed. Tryin to get faster and gettin them i guess. Seem to b better when i just pace myself. Maybe heat too. When i try to smooth too far where i haven't heated? I was shy with the heat at first and having more. Now i think its getting more comfortable but tryin to go faster. Just had a few on this last one. Idk? Any thoughts?

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If you are shrinking dry and your edges are tight like Archie Bell when you wet test just go with it. I rarely glove or ....shudder.... Hard card the window flat on the outside except the three to six inches at the edge.

Lots of creases are caused needlessly laying the whole piece of film flat. This drives lots of tinters crazy cause we like everything perfect but just try it.

Be safe be happy


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typically I teach with powder to start,  hard to  to crease it with powder and glove.  and instead of wet checking, after torching, I call it a double dry where you  check the window with a hard card to make sure you got the torching right.  again the film will not stick to the window with powder so a harder to crease it.  

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Yeah I Like to use the glove to push things down first. Then I go back over with the hard card. I've tried a couple times worth just going with the hard card first and it just doesn't work for me. If you don't have gloves a paper towel works also.

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Also what helps me is moving around. Obviously there's only so much you can work in one spot before it just melts\ creases the film. If you do your H I usually will start on the bottom shrink about half of it same thing that side top then move to the other side shrink half of the way down the fingers then the top. That way you can go back to the driver side and it will be cooled off.

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