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Rex Gorell (Geelong Victoria) multi franchised car dealer

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I've now heard on 2 separate customer discussions who have bought different cars there that this entity is no longer selling window tinting aftermarket due to the grief it's been causing them with problems.


Hooray to that and let's hope that other car dealers will follow suit and give us back our industry.


It had to happen and was only going to be a matter of time.


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You would think that aye Daz.

I got the Geelong Ming Centre going back in 1999 exclusive to Gorelle's because they said they wouldn't do business with us if we serviced anyone else!!

I was put in a dirt paddock holding yard tinting under a tin carport.

Any specs and they would complain every time.

Back then it was $110 a car.

They tried to push me as one of their sluts as if I worked for them.

You know what I'm like mate and after a year was set up by them and got the sack.

Huh I was going overseas 6 weeks later and the best thing that ever happened.

My eyes opened up to real tinting away from M1 when I got back to Aus

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You will get back what you put in... Same goes for stealerships... Greed usually ends it for everyone.

GT... We should take the positives out of our experiences and use our knowledge whilst moving forward... And we will.


My last ever dealership works around me... Not the other way around. They have felt the pain of going cheap and did not like it...


They are happy to pay me good money for good work, then triple the price to the customer.

They tell the customer that they have the best tinter in NSW doing their cars... They have been know to exaggerate from time to time... :lol


Although... 12 years... No issues... Not too bad. They haven't all been perfect.... :pirate

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I remember it like it was yesterday Dev.

A lot lead up to the outcome though.

2 years before I informally informed my superiors that in August 2000 I was going on a holiday to Europe.

Yeah yeah were their replies.

I informed them again 6 months later and got the same reply.

I kept doing this every time I saw them.

In this time I contracted a really bad dermatitis to my hands. I couldn't turn a door handle without them cracking and bleeding.

All due to truck wash from the detailing bay I used one saturday after hours in my own time to clean up our mess in our tinting section. We were doing 20+ cars everyday and you know how filthy that could become and I thought as the 2IC I'd go in and do something about it.

My mistake!

I went to specialists about my hands and they couldn't find a cure and advised I give up my job.

What? No sorry this is my life.

I worked and lived in pain every day. The heads new about it but didn't care so long as I could tint.

I started studying at night school 2 days a week at TAFE.

A Workplace Leadership course.

They came to me one day and asked if I would be interested in becoming the manager of the new Geelong Ming Centre?

Perfect, I could take it easy with the tinting as there would be another tinter employed to take up most of the tinting.

So it all begins.

I've already told you about the conditions but we plugged away regardless.

I was travelling an hour from Melbourne to open up at 8:30 but was getting in at 7:30 to prepare for the day.

Footscray and every other Ming Centre would operate till 4:30 and naturally so did we.

This was the first problem. Gorelle's wanted us operational until the dealership closed.

No chance!

Remember I still had night school twice a week from 5:30 to 9:30pm.

On the other days I wasn't getting home till 6:00pm due to peak hour traffic.

I was doing it tough but kept battling on.

3 months before my trip I I inform the heads formally this time about my leave.

A little different response this time.

Oh oh, who's going to run this Centre???

I told you guys since 1998 that I was going overseas in Aug 2000.

From that day on I had my hardest times.

The pressure that was put on me was unreal.

It was as if the dealer was told to give me a hard time and I reckon they were told but that's my opinion?

I didn't give up and kept getting up and opening the doors and closing them.

They couldn't get me to pack it in. No way!

Then we get this black Audi hatch/wagon thingy come in for a tint.

It gets done and one of my guys insists to take it back.

Within a half hour I get a call from the head of the Ming Moles yelling and screaming at me at how the Audi was full of mud on the carpets and interior. The paintwork was scratched to the shithouse and the dealer was going ape because they inspected that car before it came to us and actually took note on how that was the best one they'd ever had in the dealership!!

She screamed on and on in my ear and I knew from that moment that that's how they'll get rid of me in Geelong. 6 weeks before my trip.

So with all my lungs right down to my core I told her to GO FU@k YOURSELF!!!! and hung up on the mole.

2minutes later I get the call to get to Footscray immediately!

I get there and the heads tell me I'm going to be a driver now with a pay cut.

Why I ask? Well you can't tint like you used to, can you? They reply.

That's when I knew I was only a number on a pay slip and time to exit.

I fought one more fight a few days later with one of my night school teachers representing me and got a little bit extra to my entitlements.

That was a great day as I stared at them squirming in their seats answering to my rep.

GTS. Believe me when I say that whole time was a + and what I learned was invaluable!

Mate I had the best holiday in Europe any 26 year old cashed up could ever have.

And walked into a job as soon as I got back by a shop begging me to work for them with better pay and better conditions.

I still worked with a bung hand but made a special tinting glove.

And for those so called skin specialist.

I fixed it by accident. I tried everything under the sun to do with dermatitis and in the end I used ordinary Heel Balm.

Within a week my hands were good as new.

Win Win Win!

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Bloody hell that is famous.


I just wish the "newbies" coming into this biz would take more notice of an old croc's opinion and listen to experience...eff off dealers and begin your life without those bastards.


Goodonya G for realising that they actually did you a favour at the time.


I'm sure we all loved your story and it made great inspirational reading. :reading



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I'm relatively new to tinting but I'm contracted to tint for the other big dealer name in Geelong so hearing this is very interesting, what exactly where the issues? Quality issues or was it more money and conditions?

Myself and my more experienced workmate do around 200 a month and have a decent relationship with the dealers and probably only get one or two comebacks a month, usually something small or picky.

It's the only tinting job I've had so not sure where we stand compared to the other dealer contracted mobs but I do hear some horror stories.


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