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Knifeless Tape for PPF

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For you PPF guys. Have any of you used this yet? I've used the knifeless tape for vinyl but saw this and thought I ask you experts about it. I'm not a PPF guy but this would make a lot of guys probably want to try it.


You can find the video on Knifeless Tapes website under videos in the top left corner. Justin Pate narrates the video. I couldn't get it to link to the post for some reason.


Give me your impressions of it.





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I have used it. It does not cut smoothly enough for my liking so if the cut is hidden I guess it would be ok. The edge though has to be worked more to get it to lay down without any air because of the rough cut. Yes contaminants are more of an issue and getting it to stay stuck when your soaking it with slip solution and/or gel was an issue for me.


Overall, jury is still out. Want to try it for a bulk luggage kit or something like that. 

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I have used it a couple of times on Xpel. had some issues with the thread breaking, but once you get it going I wouldn't stop the pull. It is a little labor intensive ie laying the tape down. laying the film down and then laying a layer of tape over it to preserve the edges. i also had an issue with the tack of the tape. The gel got underneath the adhesive and then it was basically useless after that. I did do a hood with it and it worked out well though.  

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search this topic... been discussed multiple times before. It will not work with ppf.

They just release a knifeless tape specifically for PPF. I believe he was asking if anyone tried this new product out yet.

I dont believe the past thread discusses this new product. It applies to knifeless tapes that are specifically designed for films other than PPF unless I'm wrong. ????????

I'm courious also.

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