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    2020 Blazer

    The front door quarter windows are super tight and I've noticed the rubber gaskets are not consistent side to side. They are difficult to get the film in place. Patterns in FVD on the main roll ups is good but the quarter glass needs some work.
  3. You can use it full strength if you don't want to do any scraping and watch the glue just melt into a sloppy mess. But I use it 3 to 1 for most applications. Just let it sit and do it's magic and you should be good to go after about 3-5 minutes.
  4. So I would agree that pulling the rear deck makes it worth the extra time to get a good clean install. I found it hard to try and get anyone of the tools behind the rear brake light. Worth the 10 minutes to pull it.
  5. With the exception of folding down the rear seats for the headrests do you also need to remove the rear deck tray as well? I used to on the previous model just to make it super easy but not sure if you need to on the new one. Haven’t seen one yet and have a new one on the schedule.
  6. Thanks for the reply on this. I did one and can see why it needs to come off, however, I did do it without taking it off. I would however recommend taking off the interior panels around the back window. Makes it much easier for install.
  7. Curious on this one why the spoiler has to come off. Can you expand on it please?
  8. Did you ever get this figured out? I only ask cause I do these type of bonds at my other job and since I'm not on here much I just saw your post. Message me if you still need help with these.
  9. Ridler

    2018 Lexus LC500

    So here's the report on this new $100K performance luxury car. Back seat and window is tight to get into. Watch the bottom corners of the back window. The C pillars are tight at the bottom. Side and quarter windows needed shrinking. While the main doors looked like both top and bottom needed shrinking, I just did the bottom and didn't have any issues. The back of the side glass has a 3/4" blacked out area so you can be a little forgiving on your cut along back edge. I used FVD patterns and they were pretty good. Front doors also drop down when you open the door so I just remove the screw holding the sensor in the jamb completely and they stay up no problem. Here is the final product.
  10. Ridler

    2018 Lexus LC500

    I didn't see anything on this model. Anyone done one yet? I can't imagine this one is that hard but I haven't seen the car in person and the back window looks pretty sloped. Any insight is appreciated!
  11. I'm not sure I would say you tint faster but I just noticed with the warm humid weather here in Chicago that I made an observation when tinting the other day regarding my solution. I was frustrated with the film sticking to fast so I over added some tint slime and noticed an instant difference, like you should. But the more noticeable thing was that my tint jobs starting coming out cleaner. What I mean by that is less dust particles. I would always get a couple in the side windows or back window with very limited slip but with the addition of more slip solution they came out with even less. Not sure it really is due to the slip but the last 5 or 6 cars I did came out really clean.
  12. I'm a one man show at my shop. I went the route of a plotter and software when I got back into the business after being gone for over 10 years. I will say that the plotter is much faster then hand cutting for me. I've taking my time down about 20-30 minutes a car in total. I can typically do most cars in about an hour and a half to 2 hours for bigger or more difficult cars while still turning out great work. The longer times are not always based on cutting the tint either. It could be because of 3rd brake light removal or other factors about the car that just take more time. I've timed myself on cutting out a cars patterns and can typically get a full car cut in about 5 minutes and that includes putting the film on the car for shrinking. I'm always moving so while patterns are cutting I'm wiping down the windows and soaping up the back window and back and forth. The other nice part about a plotter is that if I do mess up a piece I can cut a new one in seconds! I guarantee you that you can't hand cut a piece that fast. I believe a fellow tinter once posted a video were he timed himself cutting a Toyota Camry on his plotter start to finish and challenged someone to hand cut the same car and beat his time. I don't think anyone's posted a video beating his time. Although I could be wrong on that. So for me a plotter has definitely been worth the cost.
  13. Ridler

    2016 Camaro

    Even a Titan is a stretch for this back glass. Did my first one today and everything I tried just doesn't give you enough leverage to get all the water out from bottom of the window. Put the request out to the tool manufacturers to make a longer Titan or something!
  14. I just noticed Xpel is offering window film on their website. Anyone tried it yet or know anything about it?