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  1. This car is cake. Frameless and super easy back window just like every other BMW. Rear brake light pulls out like every other one. There is a fuse panel on right side of trunk but easy to get to so you can cover it up. All in all not a bad car to tint.
  2. So to keep this short, we were asked by a boat dealer down the street to tint a Baja boat that has a wrap around windshield. The boat had a tree fall on it and they have repaired everything. The company doesn't make replace glass for the windshield so they had to get acrylic instead of glass. I'm hesitant to try and install on this due to the heat we'd have to put on it for the curve. I'd like to know what others have done in this situation. Have you had any issues with acrylic, have you had any adhesion issues etc. Please note, I've done boats of this style and curve and don't have a problem with them. My issue is that it's acrylic and not glass.
  3. It's not a pain but having two people is best. The glass on these is heavy and there's really no place to put a prop rod that I felt comfortable putting anywhere. The car we did only had 60K on it so it was in really good shape and spent it's life in a garage so it was clean and didn't have the normal dry rot you see. So taking out the latch and arms wasn't a problem for us.
  4. This technique worked for me. We normally did these in three pieces and nailed it on the first try. Thanks for the great video and explanation. Very helpful!
  5. So just a quick update on this one. We got it done. While we did try all the methods, the trick was to just keep heating the curve from the outside and slowly working the film down until it stuck. PITA! Maybe no more boats for us for awhile.
  6. Someone mentioned cleaning the glass with 409 to see if that would help the film stick.
  7. Bham, thanks for the reply. I have the glass out of the boat so the trimming happens after we have the film laid down. So I don't think that's my issue. I should also point out that it's not just the curve were it's not sticking, it's also the flat part of the window as well.
  8. So I had a boat last week. A Crownline 18SS. We took it all apart to get a good clean install since the boat was in really good shape and it had never been apart. We tinted the side triangles with no issues since they were flat and the pass through as it was the same. The two curved windows are were the problem came in. We got the passenger side done with just a minor issue which we solved pretty quick but the drivers side window has been completely different. The film won't stick to the glass. I know this sounds crazy but here's what we've tried. It's been hot and humid so we've had a lot of slip in our solutions lately but we tried with a little less, no change. We tried with no slip and it still wouldn't stick. I even tried a alcohol water solution and that didn't even make the film stick. I even went as far as just straight up film with no slip to the glass and it still wouldn't stick. I was so bad that I put a piece on there, let it sit for over 20 minutes till the customer showed up and showed him that it could be moved and taken off with no residue. We use Global QDP on everything and I've never had this happen. I've never seen this before, ever! So I'm asking my fellow tinters. What's your thoughts on this? I did clean the glass with straight alcohol, heated it from both sides, steel wooled it and tried a torch to see if there was something on the glass. Nothing worked. It's safety glass for those that wanted to know and I'm able to shrink the film to fit. It's the only window that isn't done on the boat as the other curved window did not have this issue. Let me know your thoughts, comments, solutions etc. Pic below of passenger side. Drivers side is the same. Thanks!
  9. Ridler

    2019 Audi Q8

    So follow up on this one. This one is cake. Frameless windows on a bigger suv makes this one easy. FVD pattern is good and no tweaking needed.
  10. Ridler

    2019 Audi Q8

    Anyone done one of these and can share some insight? Mainly just on the fronts.
  11. Ridler

    2020 Blazer

    The front door quarter windows are super tight and I've noticed the rubber gaskets are not consistent side to side. They are difficult to get the film in place. Patterns in FVD on the main roll ups is good but the quarter glass needs some work.
  12. You can use it full strength if you don't want to do any scraping and watch the glue just melt into a sloppy mess. But I use it 3 to 1 for most applications. Just let it sit and do it's magic and you should be good to go after about 3-5 minutes.
  13. So I would agree that pulling the rear deck makes it worth the extra time to get a good clean install. I found it hard to try and get anyone of the tools behind the rear brake light. Worth the 10 minutes to pull it.
  14. With the exception of folding down the rear seats for the headrests do you also need to remove the rear deck tray as well? I used to on the previous model just to make it super easy but not sure if you need to on the new one. Haven’t seen one yet and have a new one on the schedule.
  15. Thanks for the reply on this. I did one and can see why it needs to come off, however, I did do it without taking it off. I would however recommend taking off the interior panels around the back window. Makes it much easier for install.
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