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White specs in paint protection after drying???

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Hey everyone, I just did a bunch of ppf on a 13 F150 and I have done everything from cleaning the whole truck to keeping the entire shop spotless and I still ended up with these super noticeable white specs in almost every piece I did. I would appreciate any suggestions to prevent more dust from getting near when applying the film cause I have a hood to do yet and I can't afford to have anything in it.

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Did you polish the vehicle before hand?

Compound dust could be flushing back onto the surface of the panel from under and in between where the panels join together when your spraying your slip solutions.

Did you clay the surface?

What's in your water when filling your bottles?

How old are the bottles? Give them a good rinse out or replace them maybe.

Are you using soap, what kind of soap if so?

Are you back rolling the film onto the panels or pealing off liner, spraying slip, then transferring into vehicle?

How clean are your tables? Are they beat up from cutting on them? You could have flakes of plastic from the tables that are getting transferred onto the film from constant cutting possibly?

What we do:

Clean car and if polish is required we power wash car after polish to flush compound dust away then blow dry with a master blaster.

We also clay bar surfaces that are being covered.

We usually back roll film onto panels.

We also wipe surface again with a wash mit / soap right before applying film then rinse.

Good luck. Hope you solve the issue.

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Didn't polish it first its well taken care of, cleaned out the bottles, back rolled it on, didn't claybar though. I use baby Johnson for soap. The tables are cut up but its a big glass piece on top of it so I don't know if that could affect it. Worth looking into though. What else do you need to know?

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If its not some kind of site contamination then my vote is debris embedded in the paint that had not been removed with a claybar and or being polished.

Its definitely from me I checked it all over before I started. I'm just trying to do everything I can to control the dust around me I want it to be perfect but its so damn tough to fight the dust.

I mean we just built a brand new shop and we keep it spotless on the side we do the film installing. I just don't know what else I can do short of making it rain to bring the dust to the ground lol

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Could be that something got flushed out while wetting down the grille. the fords suck for that, you never know what contaminats are going to make their way out if you flush too much.

edit: or perhaps small rock chips. looks like one in the second pic on bottom of the top piece

There was one rock chip but its on the other side I touched it all up before hand. That's kinda what I'm thinking but who knows. Would you redo it for that? My boss and I are fairly anal about our work so we don't like it but I'm asking everyone's opinion cause I'd hate to redo it and it not end up any better
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