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Chrome Window Tint?

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Hows it going everyone?


Hope this section is ok for my question, but has anyone ever installed Chrome window tint? If so, where did you get it from and does it apply harder than the other stuff?


I currently have a customer who wants this particular film for a vehicle of him.


I made him aware that it was illegal to have installed on a vehicle that was going to be driven on the roads.  I'm not sure what his use with it is but I told him I will search around for him.


Currently I carry Solar FX window film but I am not sure where to search for the chrome film at. 


Everything I find brings me back to ebay and I would like to apply a decent film on the windows if possible.




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Not quite chrome, but this is LLumar Platinum 20 on a BMW I did a few weeks ago.





I've tinted maybe 20-30 vehicles with Platinum in my short 7 yrs experience. Problem with chrome is that, because of the reflectivity, distortion or flaws in the film can stand out. So you need to be very careful not to pinch the film, drag the film on the top edge of the glass pane, crease, or quick shrink.


With PP20 If you try to shrink the edge too quickly, say before the center of the film is shrunk, then it can cause issues with curling. If you jam the vehicle out in hot sun too fast then it can curl; especially along the bottom of a back glass. Just stuff paper towel along the bottom to hold it until it dries. Haven't used other automotive chrome, but it may react the same.


Nice part is any dust specking doesn't stand out. They aren't white dots in a sea of black.

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I have installed chrome film on two of my vehicles in the past but the windows didn't require too much shrinking. One on a wrangler and one on the back windows of a cargo van. The film was a residential/commercial film

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