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Container House - Used as Glass Showroom

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Very cool! Great idea and you doing your part to recycle. Is it moveable?



Thanks we are happy so far.  Except I added too many glass doors & windows, I installed (6) sliding glass doors & (4) windows for a total of 18 window panes.  Too much light comes it so it is hard to get good photos of the film when installed.  Of course being in this industry, we do have a solution;  I might put Black Out on 2 glass doors to reduce the light coming in.


Yes, we can move it; but it takes machinery heavier that we have; and the charge a lot to come out & move things around.


We are thinking of adding a 2nd level; but getting it stacked is the issue.

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Makes for a great (transportable) office space. Though, I believe they require hefty lifting equipment to place them on a naked trailer for transport. 


These days people are using multiples, attached and or stacked, to build a (retro) home.


Transportable office space is a great idea.


The retro container homes is where we got the idea; during the fall we are thinking of trying to create an executive apartment out back once I figure out permits about getting water & electricity added.  I prefer to put up some solar panels & get off the grid!  I hate the power electrical companies and all the extra "add on" fees they have now.  My "demand fee" is higher than my kWh charge now.  

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Wonder if it will get very hot in there without AC.

With doors & windows closed, yes it does get very hot without AC.


But we get cross ventilation when I open up the doors on both sides and it cools off quickly.  We haven't gone through a Houston summer yet.  


1.  We put light solar panel kit as a test & the light works great.

2.  Next, thinking of putting up a ceiling fan.

3.  Then enough solar panels to run a wall unit AC.  Haven't figure how many that is.

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